Overwhelmed !

There’s just so much going on the world right now. A little mental breather was something that I was desperately seeking. Most of this post may just be a ramble, but it’s necessary to come out of my system. Guess I’m starting to really understand the benefits of having a blog , finally !

It all began on the evening of 8th November 2016 , when the Indian Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi made a pretty bold move by scrapping the Higher Value Denomination currencies of INR 500 and INR 1000. The biggest reasons were of course to fight corruption and have a better control at handling black money (unaccounted money).


This entire country was stupefied (both positive, neutral and negative) For most honest, working class and genuine tax payers, this was one of the biggest promise he delivered. For those who haven’t been able to sleep – this strategic move was for them ! Myself along with almost 80% of Indians applauded this decision and the way he executed it. In the age of digital technology and information leaking out with the speed of thunder bolt lightening, this was one of the best kept secrets. It was truly the biggest jaw-dropping surprise for the whole Indian nation.

Banned Indian Currencies of Rs.1000 and Rs.500
Specimen Pictures of New currency of INR 2000 and INR 500

There is surely a lot of inconvenience because the process of submitting the old currency to the banks to get new / exchanged currency is going to be long and painstaking for some, but this is nothing as compared to what we as citizens would eventually gain. Big news and takes time to digest it.Here are excerpts of our PM’s speech . Proud.

Within hours of digesting with the above news, the pull of USA Election results and countdown was too hard to resist. And before anyone knew it, the biggest and probably the most viewed election result in the history of United States of America : Donald Trump was elected the President of USA.

Donald Trump President Elect USA – source newstalk.com

Whew ! Who would have thought that but him. From the very beginning he was only met with resistance – from his very decision to run for presidency, to his radical views and fall out within his very party to the final brawl. Unreal and unimaginable. To be honest, I never thought he would be elected, and I think majority of the world didn’t , and bam ! there he is – in your face – the 45th President Elect of USA. I don’t know how this is going to affect my life or the life of trillions, living in this world, but I AM SURE there has been a huge impact. Only time will tell what would unfold out of this eventuality. We must accept this result and dare I say anything more !

For once , even my daughters constant need of attention was falling short in front of this high suspense drama’s and after effects. In desperate attempts to shake my mind and eyes off my phone – as if my swiping fingers were unconsciously causing information overload to my brain – continuously running and switching from poll results, peoples sentiments, Indian frenzy, tweets, forwarded messages,what all of this means for both our nations and blah blah blah …  I found a pile of read and unread newspapers near another pile of my daughters books and toys and un-sorted mess. There I spotted Dr. Seuss’s Grinch  . Grinch has been one of my beloved character’s since childhood. During my overseas visits as a child, I used to see this book on airports and I was intrigued by that crooked smile and always wanted to know or read about him. Actually I didn’t even know he was called the “Grinch” until I fulfilled my incomplete wishes of reading those books by buying them for my toddler ! Besides the book was Karan Johar on the front page of the Newspaper add-on supplement.

Grinch and Karan Johar have a similar smile ! 

The uncanny resemblance was the quickest ticket for a little dose of self entertainment. Way back in 2008 and again 2012, I saw some some interviews of Karan Johar on television. He was telling Anupama Chopra – the lady who was interviewing him on the latter occasion – as to how he has a fixed smile that can never change ! As though he has practiced every muscle ! And that’s when my childhood memory of the Grinch flashed across my mind. Lo and behold – right in my drawing room, amidst all the chaos came the two characters glaring back – together -in the same frame – to lend a little laugh and relieve me from the tightest gripping reality thriller that occurred in our lives in the last couple of days !