Indian Journals

il_570xN.422450410_edcdConceived in 2009, Indian Journals are one of a kind, Beautiful and Artistic Diaries derived from Traditional Indian Art that are infused with Eco Conservation Values. These diaries born out of my fondness to re-use fabrics, of handmade paper and of my passion to revive and work with Traditional Indian Folk Art.

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A haven for distinct journals to suit your mood and fit your budget. Excellent for personal use and gifting to almost everyone you can think of !

Renew , Reuse and Recycle has always been our Mantra. We use Up-Cycled Embroidered Patchwork Fabrics, Brocade remnants, Embellished Sari’s and Traditional Indian Folk Art Prints to create distinct and instantly appealing journals. The conventional bound book stitching techniques along with a wrapping twine to match the look and feel of older era journals used in India speak of Unique Sturdy Craftsmanship.

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A common emotion of customer delight and immense happiness post purchase is evident in the shop reviews and feedback I have received over the years.


We welcome Bulk, Wholesale , Store consignments , Fair and Convention orders.
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Here is a copy of our Indian Journals Zodiac Range Line Sheet