Use, Reuse and DIY : GP by Camila


My request to Camila to contribute a suitable post for my new blog resulted in this fabulous Reuse and Eco Friendly post. She was so thoughtful to pick a topic that would suit the blog and something we could learn from. 

Camila  is Freelance translator and simultaneous and consecutive interpreter from Chile. She is a vegetarian, animal lover and owns 3 cats ! She loves tea parties, makeup, shopping and glitter ! She has this wonderful blog and it is quite popular in Chile.


Hello everyone! I am really happy to write this guest post, and to be able to show you how to use common items we all have at home, to create some beautiful DIY projects.
Here’s a few ideas I hope can inspire you with your own DIYs:
Postcards from a Cereal Box:
DIY Valentine Postcards

Simple and easy. All you need is a cereal box, double tape and pretty paper, stickers, ribbons, anything you want (or have).

DIY Post Card Process Picture 1
Start by drawing two postcard sized rectangles (if your cereal box is big enough, if not you can draw a single postcard).
DIY Post Card Process Picture 2

Cut both rectangles but leave a couple extra centimeters.


DIY Post Card Process Picture 3

Cover the back of the cardboard rectangles (meaning the front of the box) with double tape. Make sure there’s enough double tape on the edges and well….most of the postcard.

DIY Post Card Process Picture 4
Stick both rectangles on the other side of the cereal box and cut both rectangles so they are postcard size now.
DIY Buenos Aires Post Card


And decorate with whatever you want. I made some Valentine Day’s postcards in February this year, and recently this Buenos Aires inspired postcard because I was visiting Argentina a few months ago (I am from Chile btw).
This DIY is that simple, you can decorate your postcards the way you want and hopefully, you won’t throw away any more cereal boxes.
Envelopes from a Shopping Bag:


Flower Envelope

This is one of my favorites, all you need is a shopping bag and lots of imagination. Depending on how big the shopping bag is, you can make one, or two or more envelopes.

Shopping Bag Envelope Process Picture 1

Start by choosing the shopping bag you want to use. This flower shopping bag has been by far, one of my favorites.

Shopping Bag Envelope Process Picture 2

Cut the front of the bag (if you want to make a bigger envelope and your bag is big enough).

Shopping Bag Envelope Process Picture 3

And fold it the way you would fold a simple envelope.

Shopping Bag Envelope Process Picture 4

Stick both sides with double tape.

Shopping Bag Envelope Process Picture 5

And you’re done! Decore your envelope as you wish. You can use some washi tapes, post its, stickers, anything you want.

Shopping Bag Envelope

Here’s another envelope I made with one of the cutest shopping bags I’ve ever had.

DIY with a Cookie Box:
DIY Cookie Box
Grab a cookie box, or just any box that’s sturdy enough and it’s good for reusing, and grab some nice wrapping paper.
Glue the wrapping paper to the box and make sure to let it dry for a few hours.
DIY Cookie Box
Voilà! Your new box is ready.
Reuse a CD Paper Sleeve:
If you have any cd paper sleeves at home, and you feel you’re probably not going to use them again, then a nice idea is to cover the inside with wrapping (or scrapbooking) paper and decorate the outside with a nice theme. I chose Christmas for this one.
And Old Box and Washi Tape:
DIY Scotch Box

Grab a small box of anything you want or have, and wrap it with some washi tape. Make sure the washi tape is dark enough to cover the print on the box.

Reused Scotch Box
Cover with a nice ribbon and you’re done. I think this is a great idea for a small Christmas present and it’s something the recipient of this gift will be able to keep on reusing.
A Kinder Egg, Why Not? 
DIY Kinder Egg
If you have Kinder Surprise in your country, then instead of throwing the eggs in the garbage, you could reuse them to store tiny presents.
DIY Kinder Egg container
Just seal it with some washi tape and give it to someone especial. Or decorate it with tiny stickers and keep it to yourself!
Hope all these ideas can inspire you and allow you to reuse all of those items we usually tend to throw in the garbage or the recycle bin.
Have a great day and a fun time DIYing!
Hugs from Chile.

Essential Oils : GP by Denell Wehrly

GP is Guest Post !


Recently, I requested Denell to contribute a suitable post for my new blog. Not only did she happily oblige – she also made sure that the topic was something we could learn from.

Denell is the person behind Angelz Messages and my ‘go to’ person whenever I feel the need for such guidance. She is an intuitive Angel and Energy Healer who strives to bring the messages from spirit to all who need them.She is certified with Doreen Virtue as a Realm Reader, Angel Card Reader and a Fairyologist. She is also certified with Kristin Marie Rodriguez as an Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer.Additionally, she also holds certificates in Angel Blessings I and II and as an Ordained Minister.

Everyone new to Essential Oils is bound to ask why Essential Oils and not what I have been using my entire life? Why should I spend so much money on what seems a little quantity when what I have works? These are great questions and I asked myself the same thing when I began looking into Essential Oils!

For me, the journey began because my entire life my body has been super sensitive to all chemicals and medications. I have to be extremely careful of what I put on it and into it to avoid life threatening complications. I have endured anaphylactic shock several times as well as severe eczema, psoriasis and more during my 35 years.


Even people without these types of sensitivities and allergies should consider switching to Essential Oils for their health. Sadly, today all of our medications from pharmacies and regular doctors are altered chemically to induce the desired effects they want us to have…the more side effects, the more medicine we need, and I was shocked to learn this.

I immediately began working with Naturopathic doctors and I will never go back – these doctors are amazing and do everything they can to ensure you get the care you need with what mother nature has provided us with from essential oils to natural supplements — some will even recommend crystal healing, meditations, etc… and it all works! And I feel like myself without complicated medications dragging me down.

The wonderful benefits of Essential Oils is the amazing benefits you get just not for what you are treating or healing, but also all of the additional bonus healing effects. For instance, you may treat your depression with Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange but along the way you will also get protection against environmental and seasonal threats, an enhanced immune system, more energy, clarity of mind and a detoxifying agent just to name a few, there are many more benefits!

So what exactly are Essential Oils? I personally use all Doterra products because they are 100% pure, natural therapeutic grade essential oils and many of them can be ingested — most brands you cannot ingest, only use topically. Essential Oil compounds are carefully extracted from plants and they do not contain any artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals, fillers or anything that would dilute their healing. They are also free of all contaminants, pesticides or any kind of chemical residue. Depending on the oil you are looking at the oil could have been extracted from any of the compounds of the plant: seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers or any other part of the plant. For more information on this DoTerra has a wonderful video on Youtube about it.

Beginning to use Essential Oils is intuitively simplified, and extremely easy. First of all, ask yourself what you want to heal or use the oils for and then find out which oils are the best for that particular issue. Most of the time, if you don’t have a particular oil on hand either Lavender or Peppermint will help you until you can get the correct oil to speed up the process. These two are go-to oils for all of us and are used a lot!

A few years ago I threw everything in my medicine cabinet except bandages, first aid supplies, etc… everything was outdated anyways…another great benefit about the essential oils….they do not expire for 10+ years. Now I have a shelf or two of essential oils, natural supplements and first aid supplies.

I quit getting the flu shot 5 years ago and while using oils for immune support I have never gotten sick during the winter! Now, I am no doctor so I am not telling you to quit getting your flu shot but this is what is best for me and has worked for me. 2 years ago my sister came home to visit from the Navy and picked up a super bug flu in the airport and brought it home to share with my parents — I have never seen them so sick and they needed a lot of care. I was worried I might catch this and have nobody to care for me so I started taking double doses of my oils — this flu spread throughout my family quickly and everyone eventually came down with it except me.

I recently put together a family physician first aid kit for my car for when I travel. Now it’s not recommended to keep oils in your car all of the time because extreme cold or extreme heat can affect the oils ….rather I always have a few in my purse…whatever I am using at the time daily.



I use Essential Oils everyday not only in my personal life for health of body, mind and soul but also in my professional life as an Angel and Energy Healer! Essential oils are wonderful to add to crystal grids, many are used to clear energy and in energy healing sessions. Certain oils will balance your chakras, help you focus more, allow you to meditate easier. Diffusing essential oils after a hard or difficult day is one of the best treats in the world and will allow you to relax and calm down and enjoy the rest of your afternoon and/or evening.

Lastly, if you have any questions about Doterra’s essential oils I invite you to email me. I am happy to answer them. I can also give recommendations for oils to use for specific ailments or issues as long as you realize I am not a doctor and I am using the resources I have gathered in my learning.

For more details also please do check out my websites if you are interested in more information! Doterra and Angelz Messages. My email is