Plea to Americans

This is something I don’t usually do. However I am doing it – not just because its been “only” bothering me and I need to do all I can to create awareness – but because there is something inherently not right about this. Killing animals. Uprooting life when they aren’t even interfering.

Sow and cub

To cut the long story short – this video – exactly demonstrates the impact of American Congress’ Approval Killing Of Hibernating Bears And Wolves

Now I am not a PETA activist or a part of any animal welfare group or organisation, I don’t have pets, and yes not an American ; but being a part of this planet I feel the need to speak, rather write about this.

Several news stories are being covered on this subject and needless to say multiple animal welfare organisations are trying there level best to resist and probably not let it become a law.

If there is something about this you feel is not right, please do something.