Favorite pictures from February

February passed by too quickly. When suddenly a month passes by and you barely realize it – you’re busy !

Much research and personal philosophy of myself and my husband led us to a Montessori close to where we live. The Montessori method of education is the closest match to our ideal standards of education and we felt it was time to start familiarizing our daughter to the external world in small but secure steps. Thus myself and my darling Amaira enrolled ourselves in the “mother toddler” program.


February marked the beginning of her stepping out in this small Montessori setting holding her mommy’s hands. Here she is trying out her brand new pink sports shoes for her “nu nu skool” (new new school)

She has always enjoyed her coloring sessions, but with friends at the Montessori its just more … errr chaotic (you thought I’d say fun – didnt you ! ) Its fun too …. for me. Like you can see the parts done by the mother and toddler below (and please dont mind the shadow)

And the excitement of coloring continues even at home … on walls, sheets, furniture and sometimes paper.


The whole of Feb was also test for Amaira’s immune system as it was getting acclimatized to the new environment and the pathogens ! I read that there are over 100 varieties of the virus – wow !  She had (and still does) several bouts of cold ,cough and sometimes fever. Several visits to the doctor too. Hopefully her health should be better soon – really hoping. I realize how much as parents we read about whats going on with children – can we be called half doctors 🙂 (“quack” laughed the duck)


Besides balancing home, the trips to Montessori and handling all the emotions and stories after that – there is always something that I do – my work and my passion. Last month bought to life a truck load of both organic fabrics and regular cotton fabrics – some of my best designs that were best sellers were back.

Looking at the fruits of labour of your designing job is beautiful. My eyes twinkle almost each time the design comes to life – whether as a journal cover or as a fabric. Personally a very rewarding moment.

Some of the most sought after prints that came back with “popular demand” were the batiks, kalamkari’s and the block prints.


Also the herbal vegetable dyed organic cotton lotus print.


I also loved these images sent by one of my clients Abbi Franki who has an Etsy shop – SewAbbi. She made these gorgeous bags for her daughter using this fabric from my shop.

What’s written in the stars for Pisces this month ? Or how about writing your own destiny

I’d like to end with this post with lovely quote that used to keep coming up on my Facebook feed – and almost each time I would stop and look at it to admire. The whole archival paper ,the color rendering and the soft yellow with the innocence and simplicity – I adore this whole image and the deep message. I even made it my Whatsapp profile display picture.




Meet Dóri

I would like to introduce my readers to this wonderful lady called Dora – a 25 year old Hungarian who has traveled far and wide at such a young age. She loves snail mailing, the aviation and traveling. img_6548

I was impressed with her right after reading this blog post on her wonderful blog about my country. Never before had I read a foreigners unbiased and truthful view on India like she wrote.  Usually we Indians are used to reading derogatory comments about our country and even more so – certain foreign film makers that shoot in India choose only to depict the filth and the poor state of people and affairs. Dori for a change tried to present a very true picture of what it was like traveling to the capital of India.

I commented – ” For once someone is writing positively – or rather factually about India. Otherwise the poor country is always shown as a shackled unsafe place with people imagining elephant rides and snake charmers on the side of the roads.We need to meet dear lady. Next time – please make it to Mumbai”

Coming back to her blog – you can see how detailed and thorough she is in her writing. For example in a post about penpals – she has given resources of where to find them as well as in another post also told how to write a letter. Its almost like a mini learning session.

She has a pretty active Instagram account as well. I am sure you would really enjoy following her. It has been so good to know her a little bit and I look forward to meet her when she comes to India next (or when I go to Hungary)