Favorite Pictures from December

(Dec 2016 that is ! )

It happens to be my birth-month. Also my wedding month. December generally is a good month regardless.

My daughter Amaira attended her very first Birthday Party as a guest. It was the birthday of her twin friends and she gladly made them a greeting card.


Amaira proudly trotted carrying all the gifts I packed for the duo in a glitzy gift bag


And she even got return give away gifts. A yoyo ball and a Hannah Montana water bottle 🙂


Another favorite picture was sent to me by a friend. She knows how I bathe Amaira each day and she probably wanted me to see myself ! The only difference is that the bathing at our end is in an enclosed bathroom in an apartment – in one of the million buildings – in an overcrowded ‘bursting from it’s seams’ city (Mumbai). Whereas this image has such a perfect setting – most likely in Southern India and so nostalgic. Simplicity at its purest best. Certain images just take you to this sweet zone in your mind. Even if you have never experienced such a thing personally, it still feels your own. Loved this image so much.

Another image is of proud workmanship. I had to make these sheets using elephant fabrics from my shop Fibers to Fabric for a very appreciative client from Canada. They turned out beautiful with tassels et al. Looking forward to more custom orders for linen and garments with the fabrics.


We went for a breakfast buffet at an Ecotel hotel and Amaira took fancy to the (probably) edible house they had built as a part of the holiday festivities. Those are real marshmallows stuck in there – near every brick (made from what it looked like flour).


To end December and invite January to kick start a brand new year – here is something for the Conservative Capricorns. From what I have read – Capricorns are fans of quality pieces that scream luxury. Here is something for the traditional earth element Capricorns –




End of Year Questions 2016 Edition


Here are my answers to some wonderful questions by Rebecca Ednie who has Electic Endeavours – a beautiful paper crafting blog

What did you do in 2016 that you had not done before? I watched a movie alone ! I started blogging .

Did you keep your New Year’s Resolutions/goals for the year and will you make/set more for next year? What are the goals? What are your new ones? Yes I did meet my old goal of eating responsibly to a large extent. I couldn’t meet my goal of reaching my target weight though. So this time around I want to renew my old resolution but with a realistic target weight.

Did anyone you know give birth? Or become pregnant? Yes – my cousins wife gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. Also someone who my mum knows gave birth to a baby girl.

Did anyone you know die? Or have a serious illness? Unfortunately my cousin aunt expired. A very social person with an elephant’s memory. I am glad that she led a full life , saw her children, grand children and even planned her grandson’s wedding but couldn’t live longer to be a part of it. She however left behind loads of positive memories.

What places have you visited? 2016 had been a pretty “state bound” year for me. We shuttled to and fro our in-laws place which is in the same state as we live in. Hopefully 2017 should be a year of travelling far and wide !

What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016 (doesn’t have to be a physical thing)? More mental peace and more mindfulness

What date from 2016 will remain etched in your memory and why? I have a couple to count here. My daughters first birthday however will be forever etched in my memory.

What was your biggest achievement this year? Emotionally – Acceptance. And tangibly – launching the Zodiac range for Indian Journals. This was something that was on my mind since 2014 but it saw the light of the sun only in 2016

Did you get sick or injured? How about your family? I have a knack of stubbing my toes. And coming under the weather too. Ditto my family members.

What was the best thing you bought? My iPhone.

Where did most of your disposable income go (money leftover after you pay for food, transportation and shelter)? Back to business and for my daughter’s daily needs.

What song will always remind you of 2016? Nothing is coming to my mind.

What do you wish you would have done more of? Taken out time for myself. Blog. Make notes on my thoughts. I am constantly working and trying to finish a huge to do list. I wish I could be kinder on myself. Something I would probably work on for 2017

What do you wish you would have done less of? Online shopping ! I spend a lot of time comparing !

What was your favorite new TV program? Movie? Album/Songs? Or if you didn’t pick up any new ones, what are you still watching/listening to? No TV. I don’t watch TV. One and only movie however I saw in 2016 was Band Baaja Baarat on my laptop. New favorite music album could safely be from the recent Bollywood movies Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Befikre

What was the best book you read this year? How many did you read?  I didn’t read a single book ! I however read a lot on parenting forums online – if that counts !

What did you do on your birthday and how old were you? Did you feel differently? I had a family breakfast buffet. I am in my early 30’s ! Did it feel different – yes. I felt chronologically wise !

What political or social issue stirred you the most? Demonetization in India and election of Trump. As a layman – and not very interested in politics – these were potent issues that could easily stir up a Global Indian !

Who was the most interesting new person you met? This lady who lives in my building. She’s a mother of twins that are my daughters age. I find her lively and interesting.

What changed at your job? Nothing. I gained new ideas , built new clients, but in terms of changing – nothing did.

What changed in your home? De-clutter and Re-clutter. De-cluttered old unwanted things. Re-cluttered toys and books for my daughter. Space created for new stuff !

Describe how a relationship changed. Wow – this is touchy, and somewhat personal. However I can safely say that a new found perspective changed some of my relationships. I can also say that unwanted attachment to personal ego’s could ruin things and thankfully the angelic revelation came in time.

Do you think you are still the same person that you were at the beginning of the year? No. And I am thankful to God for this answer.  Stagnancy is not the order of nature. Things must evolve and we must strive to become better. Positive change is always good.

Summarize the year in three words or less. Bonus points for doing it in one word. Explain. Metanoia (not too much of repentance from the meaning though – only thankful and grateful for experiences that are molding me each day)

How have people around you changed? Everyone. All those whom I interact with or know – all of them.

What have you learned throughout the year? (Other than crafts) Learnt new ideas for business. Learnt small life hacks – incredibly useful with a little kiddo.

What was your favourite outfit for warm weather? Cooler weather? Fleece pajamas with ribbed cuff for warm weather and non fleece pajamas with ribbed cuff for warm weather. Full sleeved and short sleeved T shirt respectively. Favorite.

Did you learn any new crafts or techniques? What was your favourite thing you made? I learnt new recipes. The favorite dishes I made were smoothies and soups for my family packed with nutrition and still tasty to not arouse suspicion.

What changed about your physical appearance? (Hair? Wrinkles? New makeup style? Etc Hair became frizzy and eccentric. Wrinkles sneaked in. Built a good collection of lip colors although I hardly wear lipsticks !

What are your hopes and dreams for the new year? To go with the flow