Favorite Pictures from November

Some of my favorite pictures from November were pretty easy to pick. I almost knew they were my favorites the minute the entered my mobile camera !


  1. Ginger Plant – One of the very many plants that my in-laws grow in thier garden ! They love gardening and we love consuming what they grow.
Freshly dug out ginger

2. My sister sent us this picture – my brother plated this dessert for her when she visited him in this restaurant that he works in. By the way – he is the chef’s favorite.

Tiramusu Dessert – yum !

3. Another one courtesy my sister – she attended her friends wedding and there was this cute photo booth or a decor area alongside the celebrations. She was amused by it and so were we .

Wedding decor

4. I was learning how to use my iPhone camera in a better manner. So there was this short tutorial which was demonstrating how to use focus by tapping on the screen.  I wanted to try it immediately, and the prettiest object to focus on my messy desk was the idol of one and only baby Krishna !

Baby Krishna

5. Almost half of October my daughter was eyeing other children’s tricycles and even climbing on them in an attempt to ride. It made me realize that it is time for us to get one for her. Little did I know that the one I ordered online is going to be a DIY assembly ! So here we are – myself, the princess and our staff – the 4 of us assembling a tricycle !

Quartet assembling a tricycle !

6. The fruits of my hard work bore and came the mighty impressive Zodiac sign journals. The Sagittarius Journal is all pretty this month !

Sagittarius Indian Journal