24 thoughts on “It’s time for a make over

  1. I prefer 1B. I like all the colouring, but the Reds look warmer to me and are what I tend to go for when purchasing a journal. The designs are great, but a personal preference is for the simplest as sometimes keeping it simple can be more effective and classy looking in my opinion.


  2. What a fun idea of letting your previous customers participate in choosing your logo! I prefer the B design in the henna green and milk white colors. Thanks for this fun opportunity!


  3. Sorry, my english is bad… Je préfère le modèle B. Il est donne un look plus éclaté, tandis que les autres me semble plus classique. Quant à la couleur, je choisirais le rouge. Donc 2B pour moi. 🙂

    Translated by Google :

    I prefer the model B. It gives a burst look, while the other seems more classic. As for color , I would choose the red. So 2B for me. 🙂


  4. I like the green, white and teal. And I like “A”. Those would be my pick. I’ll have to go to your shop and check out the new journals.


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