and finally I have a blog !

I mean I have waited for this day since 2009. I used to read and follow numerous blogs, admire their time management and more so photography skills. Wonder how do they think what to post and what inspires them.

I blocked this web name and chose word press on 19th December 2014 but never really got started … all until now !

I am really very happy right now and I realize I am rambling.. however this is exactly what I feel my blog will be – very real and very much from the heart.  I dont have very formal plans for the blog as of now, but you can really expect a lot of  thoughts, photos , reviews and opinions. I would be very glad if you follow this blog and bring your friends and family in tow 🙂

Botanical Garden – Lincoln Park Chicago May 2015

I wanted to share this picture I had clicked this picture of the most beautiful flowers I have laid my eyes upon back in the summer of 2015 in the Botanical Garden Lincoln Park Chicago