I’m now a 16 month old mommy !

My daughter Amaira has turned 16 months old now. What an amazing journey this has been – full of love, emotions, happiness along with personal and physical struggles. I am thoroughly enjoying her babbles and every curve of her growth. I also find myself thanking the almighty for blessing us with such an amazing baby. Children are truly a blessing.

With her upsurge in energy and growing awareness of the world, me finding time to work only looks uphill ! I mean, just yesterday I sat down to read the newspaper by the window (after ages)

My (messy) drawing room

Even before I could immerse myself in the sofa, and much before the breeze touched my skin, there was this tumbling sound of all the Lego blocks rolling out of the bag all on the floor. “Muma” came out next

Amaira spilling out her toys

She was inviting me to play with her ! Could I say no  🙂 (sigh!)

Life as a stay at home working mommy is challenging to say the least. It comes with its own rewards and pitfalls. Oh ! and the pitfalls (quite literally) however are pretty colorful !